Critical review study of Nasasharira
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Ayurveda, Indriya, anatomy, ghranendriya, nasa.

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     Ayurveda is a branch of science which deals with maintaining the health of the body and treating  the disease condition. Our body is the store of many organs. The normality of the organs can be understood by detail knowledge of anatomy and physiology of it. According to Ayurveda, there are total eleven Indriyas are present in the body and ghranendriya is one of them. Ghranendriya is located in the nose. It has predominance of prithvimahabhuta and it has gandha guna. The main function of nose is olfaction and respiration. Respiration contains inspiration and expiration. Ancient Ayurvedic  Samhitas has detailed description of structures in the body. The modern science has more detailed description of all the structures due to availability of microscopic techniques. The present study is an attempt to collect the information of anatomy of nose according to Ayurveda and modern science

Article pdf download
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