Ayurveda the ancient system of medicine gives valuable guidelines not only in treatment aspects but alsoin preventive line Pterygium is a degenerative condition of conjunctiva of unclear aetiology. Although, the successful treatment are available but frequent cases of recurrence occurring. Sushruta known as father of surgery has described various surgical process along with herbalmedicines. There are 76 types of Netra Rogas described by Acharya Sushruta, Arma is one among the 11 type of Shuklagata netra roga which is said to chedan sadhya. Arma is a disease having exact similar entities to Pterygium explained in very advance form with absolute medical and surgical treatment to cure and check the recurrence of disease. The technique of surgery and precaution indicated while performing surgery is marvellous. The assessment of adequate excision of tissue and post-operative management to mitigate the pain, congestion indicates fines of surgery explained in Ayurveda  classics.