Study of Sushrutokta Vedhya Sira of Urdhavshakha In Siravedhan Vidhi

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Sira, Vedhya sira, Avedhya sira, Siravedhan, Venesection

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The term “Sira” is collectively used for blood vessel ( Arteries, Veins, Capillaries and Lymphatics ) which denote the circulatory system. Some siras are not suitable for venouspuncture. These siras are called Avedhya Sira. A surgeon should not perform venesection on these sira as it may be harmful for patient; on the contrary, some sira are suitable for Siravedhan, called Vedhya Sira. The anatomical locations are available in classic texts but exact structures and the anatomical description regarding vedhya sira are not described yet. Proposed article aims to correlate urdhvashakhagat vedhya siras mentioned by our Aacharya with modern anatomical structures and review in contemporary science. For this purpose, ancient ayurvedic classics were reviewed and references are compiled for the said subject was criticaly studied to comprehend the vedhya sira in upper extremities.

Primary knowledge of vedhya Sira is very important for physicians as well as surgeons. The vedhya sira mentioned in Ayurved compendia can be correlated with blood vessels, vein in modern anatomy.

Article pdf download
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