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Karshya (emaciation), Hetu (causative factors), Charaka Samhita

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Gawade, S., Bhandare, V., & Chaudhari, M. (2019). REVIEW ABOUT CAUSATIVE FACTORS OF KARSHYA (EMACIATION) FROM CHARAKA SAMHITA. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(02). Retrieved from


Karshya (emaciation) is an Apatarpanjanya Vyadhi and Rasa-pradoshaja vyadhi.  It is the most large spreading health and nutritional disorder in developing countries. Karshya means person having lean and thin body character but doesn’t have any more complaints. Charaka has well explained clinical symptoms of Karshya as well he has explained causative factors in detail, viz., Aharaja (dietary), Viharaja (behavioural), and Manasika (Psychological). These all causes do aggravation of Vayu, alteration of Agni, insufficient production of Rasa dhatu along with other Dhatus which leads to Karshya. If the emaciated person is not treated properly then he/she gets suffered from spleen enlargement, cough, wasting, dyspnoea, Gulma, piles, abdominal disease, and the disease of gastro-intestinal tract. Karshya is better than sthaulya (obesity), a statement given by Charaka. Avoiding causative factors is Chikitsa. As well Charaka is well known clinician; hence to refer Charaka Samhita priory is essential. If causative factors are well known to affected people and reduced or avoided completely, it is useful to eradicate Karshya (emaciation) from society. Hence an attempt is made to review causative factors of Karshya from Charaka Samhita.   

Article pdf download
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