Wounds and wound infections have become a common entity which is faced by different physicians and surgeons. Chronic, non-healing wounds like Diabetic wounds, Varicose ulcers, bed sores have become a challenge to the medical fraternity. Antibiotics are efficient in killing and controlling the growth of micro-organisms by their bactericidal and bacteriostatic actions but due to the repeated use of antibiotics, organisms have become resistant to their action. Vrana Dhoopana  described in Ayurveda helps in cleaning and disinfecting the wound and also promotes fast healing of wounds1.In this study, 60 patients were randomly selected and divided in two groups. Vrana dhoopana followed by dressing with vrana shodhana taila was administered to the 30 patients in Group A(Trial group) and only dressing with vrana shodhana taila was done in the 30 patients in Group B (Control group).Significant results were obtained in Trial group where the wound was subjected to Nimbadi Dhoopa. It means we can conclude that Vrana Dhoopana  with Nimbadi Dhoopa 2has significant results on Dushta Vrana.3 It helps in minimizing the infection present in the wound thus, having Rakshoghna4 effect on it.