“Efficacy of Nimbpatra Kalka with Yashtimadhu Ghrita in the Management of Mukhpak- Sarvasar- Vyadhi (Stomatitis)”
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Sarvasar, yashtimadhu Ghrita, Nimbpatra Kalka, Stomatitis.

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Patil, R. (2022). “Efficacy of Nimbpatra Kalka with Yashtimadhu Ghrita in the Management of Mukhpak- Sarvasar- Vyadhi (Stomatitis)”. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 10(3). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/1023


Ayurveda the oldest system of Medicine still serves a major part of society which dealt with each & every aspect of health. But the available books are voluminous, specific topics/subjects are scattered in almost the whole compendium and the language of original books (Sanskrit) or its translations (Hindi/English) are not, intelligible to common health workers of the public. It is the need of present society to translate this age-old time-tested knowledge into systemic simple language with clinical trials. “The Subject Efficacy of Nimbpatra Kalka with Yashtimadhu Ghrita in the Management of Mukhpak-Sarvasar (Stomatitis)”. Mukhpak i.e mukhgat vrana deals with sharir directly. Due to vitiated doshas i.e Vata, Pitta, Kapha and Rakta[2]. It is found in all age groups and at all stages of life and disturbs the patients physically, mentally & socially. Through the Ayurvedic treatment, based on materials processed from herbals minerals and of origin yet this article addresses only to easily available medicinal plants. In modern medicine, medicine available for the treatment of stomatitis is local antibacterial antiseptic ointments, orally antibiotics, and analgesics. But hazardous side effects caused suppression of immunity, gastritis, etc. comparatively Ayurvedic medicines are effective, safe, having less or no side effects that’s why I think to go through this disease. For this study, 30 patients of Mukhpak were selected who are not associated with any disease and without any complications. In this evaluation, Nimbaptra kalka with Yashtimadhu ghrit treatment may be useful for local application as compared to the application of antibiotic ointments in stomatitis.

Article pdf download

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