Importance of Pakajotpatti Siddhant
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Keywords- Pilupaak, Pitharpaak, Darshana, Karyakaran siddhant, Agni, Aahar

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The aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of Purusha and confer longevity whereas Darshana Shastra [1] discuss about the nature of external world and its relationship with individual soul. Darshanas acts as a tool which enable apprehension of the facts pertaining to external world. Since Ayurveda is a system of knowledge about life and darshana provides means to apprehend facts pertaining to external world. Equal importance has been given to Karyakaran Vaad both in Ayurveda and Darshana Shastra. Ayurveda gives clinical importance to Karyakaran bhaav siddhant.[2] One of the Karyakaran siddhant-Pakajotpatti explained by Vaisheshik and Nyay Darshana namely Pilupaak[3] and Pitharpaak.[3] This article explains the importance of Pakajotpatti in Ayurveda.

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