Assessment of purishvaha srotas dushti in the patients of sandhigata vata w.s.r. to serum calcium level: an observational study
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Keywords- vata, pakwashaya, purishvaha srotas, purishdhara kala, sandhigata vata, serum calcium level

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Rathod, C. (2022). Assessment of purishvaha srotas dushti in the patients of sandhigata vata w.s.r. to serum calcium level: an observational study. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 10(04). Retrieved from



Background -

Among the Tridosha, Vata plays an important role and is responsible for all the cheshta. Sandhigata Vata is 1st explained by Acharya Charaka as Sandhigata Anil and is a type of Vatavyadhi which disturbs the physical and mental health. Sandhigata Vata is the second most rheumatological problem with prevalence of 22-39% in India. In the intestine (pakwashaya) the smooth layer consists of Ca-Na (Kala Purishdhara Saa Eva Asthidhara) ion channel. The pakwashaya can be considered as a sthan of both Purishdhara kala and Purishvaha srotas and it is the vishesh sthan of vata dosha. Interference at pakwashaya sthana, ultimately act on vata dosha and this vitiated vata dosha may be responsible for purishvaha srotas dushti, impaired function of purishdhara kala (Asthidhara kala) and various Vatavyadhi and Sandhigata vata is nothing but Vatavyadhi.  In this, efforts will be taken to study imbalance in the Serum Calcium level w.s.r. to Purishvaha Srotas Dushti Lakshanas in sandhigata vata patients. Objectives- The present cross-sectional study was planned to assess the purishvaha srotas dushti in sandhigata vata patients w.s.r. to serum calcium level. Methods- Total 81 pre diagnosed patients of sandhigata vata fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected from OPD and IPD of Pakwasa Samnawaya Rugnalaya, Nagpur and purishvaha srotas dushti was assessed in sandhigata vata patient. Results - Out Of 81 Patients, Kruchchhenaalpalpa malapravritti was present in 79 (97.57%) patients, in 64 (79.01%) patients hypocalcaemia was found. The p value was less than 0.05, purishvaha srotas dushti is significantly associated with serum calcium level. Conclusion - Purishvaha srotas dushti is present in sandhigata vata and purishvaha srotas dushti is associated with serum calcium level in sandhigata vata patient.


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