Management of Visarpa(cellulitis) - a case study
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Acharya Sushruta, father of Indian surgery (Shalya Tantra) was well aware of importance of Visarpa and their management in surgical practices. Clinical features of Visarpa explained by Acharya Sushruta are very

much resembles inflammatory swelling like as cellulitis. In Ayurveda cellulitis may be compared to Visarpa .It is a skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases. This skin diseases is of a particular type and its spreads very

fast like snake, hence it is called Visarpa. As per modern science cellulitis explained as an infection of the deeper layer of the skin and the underlying tissue. Cellulitis is characterized by an acute, diffuse, spreading, edematous, suppurative inflammation of the dermis and subcutaneous tissues. Alepa -poulticing applying paste of drugs etc on the Vranashopa is the first treatment, it is common for all kinds of swelling and very important one also. Poulticing is beneficial in unripe swellings, it mitigates the Dosha and relieves burning sensation, itching and pain, it is foremost in clearing the skin, muscle and blood by removing their blemishes and best to relive burning sensation, pain and itching. So keeping above assumption in mind , the present study was designed to add newer concept of Ayurveda regarding Magsulf (glycerine + magnesium sulphate )application in management of Visarpa along with some ayurvedic formulations described below in full text  and hence present study entitled " management of Visarapa (cellulitis) – A case study". The present study designed as Prospective randomized control single blind clinical trial .On the basis of hypothesis study will be designed ,patient  will selected for external application in management of Visarpa (cellulitis) On the basis of observation, data analysis will be drawn and result will be analyzes after that discussion and conclusion will be drawn accordingly.

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