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labour room, waiting room, Sutikagar, near miss, obstetric risks, sutikaparicharya.

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NAYAK, R. (2023). A A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF PRINCIPLES OF ESTABLISHMENT OF LABAOUR ROOM AS PER AYURVEDA . Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 11(5). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/1178


Review Article

Sutikagar: A systematic review of principles of establishment of labour room as per Ayurveda

Author :  Dr.Rakesh Nayak

M.S. PTSR, Ph D. Scholar (MUHS)

Associate Professor,

Department Of PTSR,

MIAER, Mandsaur -458001

Email id: dr.rakeshnayak88@gmail.com, 7046630789

Co-author: Dr Vivek Jog

M.S. PTSR, Ph D. Scholar (MUHS)

Professor& HOD ,

Department Of PTSR,

MIAER, Mandsaur- 458801

Email.id: vivekjog@gmail.com, 9075666139


Every organism has limited life span. Continuation of the particular species is dependent on their ability to reproduce. In humans, childbirth is a complicated process. Human foetus is head-heavy at the time of full term birth. And human female is not able to guide the passage of head manually through vagina during the process of parturition as the females of lower mammals. Hence a specialised help is needed during labour in humans. Obstetrics is the branch of medical science that deals with the reproduction of society. Obstetrics covers the management from conception to childbirth, but the most important event is the child birth. The process of normal labor is associated with significant risks to both mother and fetus.Perinatal feto-maternal mortality and morbidity is the primary concern during management of normal labour. A specialised waiting room and labor room is necessary to achieve effective management. Waiting room and labor room are designed keeping a few important principles in mind in modern era. In ancient times, Ayurveda has mentioned the establishment of Sutikagar, i.e. complex of waiting room and labour room. Sushrutacharya has explained sutikaparicharya and the principles on which the design of Sutikagar is based. This article describes the principles of establishment of Sutikagar and the principles of best practice to avoid the risks and near misses as per Ayurveda and its correlation to modern science.

Keywords: labour room, waiting room, Sutikagar, near miss, obstetric risks, sutikaparicharya.


Article pdf download


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