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‘Study of etiopathogenesis of 'akalaja jara' in females in modern times’
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Premature Ageing, Akalaja Jara, Vriddhavastha

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Walhe, S. T. (2019). ‘Study of etiopathogenesis of ’akalaja jara’ in females in modern times’. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(03). Retrieved from


Vaya, i.e. Age represents state of body depending upon the length of time that has passed since birth of a human being. Considering a total life-span of 100 years, Acharya Charaka and Sushruta has described old age after 60 years and 70 years respectively. According to Ayurveda, Jara is one of the Svabhavika Vyadhi. Jara or Vriddhavastha is the later stage of life when gradual declination of functions of physical and mental faculties gear up. Symptoms of Jara like greying of hair, wrinkles, flabbiness of muscles and joints, diminished vision and decreased intellectual functions start appearing in this stage. If these changes occur according to Kala i.e. time, it is called as 'Kalaja Jara' and if it occurs before Kala it is referred as 'Akalaja Jara'. Nowadays, it is observed that these symptoms are more prevalent in the Madhyama Vaya (middle age) in females significantly manifesting into Akalaja Jara i.e. early ageing. The present entitled ‘Study of Etio-pathogenesis of 'Akalaja Jara' in Females in Modern Times’ was an observational study to identify and study potential factors that accelerate premature ageing in females with Ayurvedic perspective.

The present study was conducted to focus on the aetiological factors for 'Akalaja Jara' in females. In the study, 75 female patients, in three age groups (16 -27, 28 – 39 and 40 – 50 years of age), showing signs and symptoms of Jara as per Ayurvedic texts were enrolled to collect information regarding their Aahara and Vihara. Objective parameters like BMI and BMR were also recorded.

It was observed that incorrect modern lifestyle, dietary habits and mental stress play significant role in causation of Akalaja Jara in females. Early diagnosis would help them to take care of themselves and to follow measures described in Ayurveda to prolong ageing.

Article pdf download
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