Standardisation of Ayurvedic fermented product Kanji
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Kanji, Sandhan kalpana, Fermentation, Standardisation

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Bhokardankar, P. S., & Wadodkar, D. S. (2019). Standardisation of Ayurvedic fermented product Kanji. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(4). Retrieved from


Sharangdhara explained Panchavidha Kashyaya Kalpana1, which are guru subsequently from Swarasa to Phanta. But Panchavidha Kashaya kalpana lack the ability of fast action and potency for longer duration. To compensate the above stated lacuna ‘Sandhana Kalpana’ were developed. Sandhan Kalpana1 depends on the concept of biochemical fermentation, and one of the best dosage forms of Ayurveda in practice since thousands of years. In order to prepare these medicaments, certain sets of conditions are pre-arranged which leads to fermentation. Thus, products  with self-generated ethyl alcohol, which potentiate these preparations. ’Kanji’1 is one of the Sandhan Kalpana. After consulting with many eminent personalities in Ayurveda a final procedure of preparation of Kanji is adopted. But Siddhi lakshanas (Standard tests) of Kanji are not explained properly in ancient texts. So it has been found that very less work on standardisation of Kanji has been done over past few years. Thus, this paper deals with standardisation of Kanji.

Article pdf download
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