Review of Netrarog Hetu according to modern lifestyle.
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Ocular disorders, Faulty lifestyle, Netrarogas, Hetus.

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Nandvikar, P. V. (2020). Review of Netrarog Hetu according to modern lifestyle. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(01). Retrieved from


Prevention of ocular disorders and preservation of ocular health has become essential, as changing lifestyle has resulted in many eye disorders and brought miseries to daily life. Our ancient seers have also given prime importance to eye by considering it as the most vital sense organ among all the sense organs. If the causative factors are not addressed this can lead to more serious diseases. Stopping the causative factor itself is a treatment. Ayurveda found to describe vividly about ocular health and hygiene. Asssociation between such faulty lifestyle measures and subsequent eye diseases are searched and reviewed from different Ayurvedic literature and online sources. Thus assessment was made to invest knowledge of ancient science for fulfilling the growing demand of mankind in new era. When it is assessed the path of application gets flourished as a science.  As prevention is better than cure, attempt is  made to analyse Netraroga hetus ( causative factors of eye diseases ) due to modern lifestyle and made is easy to be understood by everyone to understand and modify lifestyle.

Article pdf download
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