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Seat of vata as majja and majja as brain
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cranial cavity

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In Ayurveda ,vata is one among the three basic humors that plays a major role in balancing the health. Most of the vata disorders  discussed  in Ayurveda are being diagnosed under neurological disorders in modern medicine .

It is a known fact that vata has predominance of vayu and akasha mahabhuta  having dual properties of sound (shabda) and touch (sparsh), which is one of the characteristic function of the brain.

Majja, one of the sapta dhatus is located inside the bones.

The femoral bone has the largest quantity of majja as compared to other bones, hence we can say that porosity of femur or femoral bone ,  is nothing but seat of vata and there is a good porosity within cranial cavity (spongy bone) where the majja (brain) is located, proving that there is a vatasthana .

Hence an attempt has been made to understand the seat of vata as majja and majja as brain.

Article pdf download
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