A review on Sneha Kalpana.
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Sneha Kalpana, Paka, Sidhhi lakshanas and pharmaceuticals.

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Sneha Kalpana is a unique preparation of oleaginous medicine. This is one among the types of medicine which can be administered through all the routes of the body. Sneha Kalpana is a process where Taila and Ghritha are used regularly. Sneha is given in almost all the diseases especially in Manasa Roga as fat can pass through the blood brain barriers. In the preparation of Sneha there are different steps involved. They are Poorva Karma (selection of Sneha and vessels), Pradhana Karma (Ama Paka, Mridhu Paka, Madhyama Paka, Khara Paka and Dhagdha Paka) and Paschat Karma (Preservation of prepared Sneha).The particular techniques in preparation of different Sneha are discussed in this article in brief manner.

Article pdf download
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