Review about Adhyashana as a causative factor in Grahanidushti from Charak Samhita.
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KEYWORDS : Adhyashana, Grahanidushti or roga, Agni, Ahara-Vidhi.

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Chavan, V. S. (2020). Review about Adhyashana as a causative factor in Grahanidushti from Charak Samhita. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(06). Retrieved from



          Grahanidushti or Grahaniroga is associated with group of disorders caused due to Agnidushti. Grahani is an organ described in Ayurveda texts as a Sthana of Agni where the Agni is placed. Grahani and Agni are said to be inter-related i.e. if one gets vitiated it vitiates other too in long course of time. The Sthiti or state of Agni depends upon Ahara which is a major important part of life which is included in Trayopastambha (key pillars). For that Ayurveda broadly explains Ahara-Vidhi which is the rules and manners for preparing and having food. Vidhi-tyaga or not following these manners for long term give rise to Agnidushti which further give rise to Grahaniroga.

One of these Vidhi-Tyaga hetu is Adhyashana which is having food before the digestion of previously ingested food. Ayurevda explains Jeernashana as a Vidhi which is to have food after the complete digestion of previous food. Incidence of Adhyashana has increased as increasing modernization of society. Also, the incidence of Grahaniroga has increased very much and both should be addressed. As the treatment for Grahaniroga is Agni-Vardhana or Deepana, Hetu- Privarjana i.e. avoiding causative factor is very important. To address this, an attempt is made to review Adhyashana in Grahanidushti.


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