Role of Bile juice in Accha Snehapana
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Accha snehapana, Abhukta sevankal, Adahstad sneha darshan, Role of bile

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Snehapana is an internal administration of sneha (medicated or non-medicated) has an important therapeutic application in Ayurveda. This therapy aims to prepare the body for Shodhana karma and helps in bringing the doshas from Shakha (peripheral tissues) to koshtha so that they can expel out easily. Accha sneha pana is superior type of internal oleation. Digestion of sneha is all depending upon the Agni bala. Digestion and absorption of sneha shows various physiological changes in the body. Adahstad sneha darshanam is a classical sign of Samyak snigdha lakshana. Mode of action of sneha in koshtha and its relationship with bile salts and lipid metabolism process should be thoroughly studied for the success of snehapana therapy.

Article pdf download
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