Role of Vyadhikshamatva (Immunity) in COVID19
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Bala, Dhatu sarata, fever, natural immunity, Ojas, rasayana

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Patel, M. D., & Gharge, A. (2021). Role of Vyadhikshamatva (Immunity) in COVID19. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(02). Retrieved from


Objective: The world was confronted with an illness 'COVID-19', caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-cov-2. This novel coronavirus is highly contagious and in just a few months has become a serious threat to human health all over the world. The mainstay in the management of corona viral infections has been supportive care, nutrition, and preventing secondary infections in the absence of any antiviral agent or vaccine. The best way of preventing COVID-19 infection is by enhancing an individual's body immunity. Hence the main objective of this study is to bring forward to the concept of immunity in Ayurveda for preventing COVID-19.  Data Source: Different Ayurvedic Samhitas and textbooks, modern medical books, research papers in different journals and internet sources were referred to understand the concept of ojas, immunity and COVID-19 Review Methods: To compile the available literature on immunity and COVID-19. To compile the importance of ojas and vyadhikshamatva. To compile the importance of the Ayurvedic concept of immunity in the prevention of COVID-19.  Results and Conclusion: The best way of preventing COVID-19 infection is by enhancing an individual's body immunity. Ojas is considered responsible for Vyadhikshamatva (immunity). An adequate exposition of the concept of ojas concerning immunity is essential during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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