The Comparative antimicrobial activity of Karkatshrungi
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Pistacia integerrima, comparative Antimicrobial activity, Physico-Chemical analysis

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Kanade, M. (2021). The Comparative antimicrobial activity of Karkatshrungi. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(03). Retrieved from


Today Ayurveda is recognized worldwide as a system of medicine that provides sound mind in sound body. This traditional system of medicine of India has an enviable position in the field of providing remedies for the ailments. As it provides satisfactory answers to all the problems, today’s world facing towards it.

The gall of Karkatshringi (Pistacia integerrima Stew Ex. Brand) is a well known drug used in paediatric diseases. Sushrutacharya has mentioned karkatshringi is one of the drugsin Rakshoghna Dravyas, used in treatment of Grahabadha. Symptoms of Grahabadha aresimilar to the symptoms of various infectious diseases. The galls powder of Karkatshringiwas evaluated preliminary physico-chemically. The water extracts was prepared and performed antibacterial activity by disc diffusion method and assayed for MIC using microdilution technique. It showed that the galls powder of Pistacia was sensitive against staphylococci and E-coli and resistant to pseudomonas.

Article pdf download

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