Role of Uttarbasti in the management of uterine disorders: a case series.
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Keywords: Yonivyapada, Virechana, Uttarbasti, Uterine fibroid, Shamana, Panchakarma

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Hanmante, V., Hanmante, S., & Karade, R. (2022). Role of Uttarbasti in the management of uterine disorders: a case series. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 10(01). Retrieved from


Introduction: Uterine disorders like uterine fibroid are the most common in female reproductive life. In most of the cases, it is seen frequently as a result of leiomyomas. Leiomyomas, are benign smooth muscle neoplasms that typically originate from the myometrium, due to fibrous consistency and are also called as fibroid. Prevalence rate of incidences of uterine disorders is 37.65% in rural India and 24% in urban India. Most of the time they are asymptomatic or may identified during routine pelvic examinations. Clinical manifestation of uterine disorders is pain, pressure sensation, abnormal uterine bleeding or dysmenorrhea. Surgery may be cure in some manner but a satisfactory conservatory medical treatment is remained unestablished till now. Uterine disorders can be studied in the context of Yonivyapada in Ayurveda. Materials and methods: In the present study 3 cases are diagnosed with Uterine disorders where each one is dealing with various diseases like uterine fibroid and adenomyosis were treated by panchakarma treatment protocol like virechana followed by uttarbasti and shamana chikitsa. USG of lower abdomen is the main diagnostic tool in this study. Result and Discussion: After 5 months patients presented with USG report as absence of uterine disorders. Conclusion: Panchakarma treatments like Virechana, Uttarbasti along with shamana are found to be effective treatment modality in uterine fibroid and disorder.

Article pdf download

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