Gandhaka Rasayana is a very well known and commonly used Herbo-mineral preparation with Shuddha Gandhaka as its main ingredient processed with various Bhavana medias.  According to Yoga Ratnakar, Gandhaka Rasayan is prepared by giving Bhavana of twelve herbal drugs in a serial manner for eight times each and finally combined with the equal quantity of sugar.

But different pharmacies prepare Gandhaka Rasayana by different procedures according to their ease and feasibility,  they write the reference on labelling but they don't prepare it by proper method. The main difference is in the number of Bhavana and the Bhavana dravya used for the preparation. Also, the purification of Gandhaka before the procedure may or may not take place  properly or the method used for it may be inappropriate

Thus the present study is undertaken to prove the comparison between own prepared and market available samples of Gandhaka Rasayana.  Therefore own prepared and three market available samples all of the same reference of Yoga Ratnakar were compared by their physicochemical parameters like PH, Ash Value, Sulphur percentage, Particle size etc.  Overall, a remarkable difference was observed in the samples of own prepared and market samples of Gandhaka Rasayana.