Ayurvedic Review Of Newborn baby care : Jatamatra paricharya .
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– Care of Newborn, Jaatmatra paricharya, Shodhana, jaatakarma

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Jaatmatra Paricharya (Care of Newborn) has been described both in Ayurveda as well as modern text. These are the basic steps that should follow by medical professionals after the birth of newborn from the mother’s vaginal canal. These steps are important for the newborn for preventing many complications such as Birth asphyxia,Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Ayurveda very well understand the importance of newborn care and through its years of expertise,it has formulated a well.Scripted scientific approach called “Jatamatra Paricharya” that introduces the best ways of the infant care.Jaatmatra is the name given to the child who has just arrived into the world,i.e.just born.

(jaata = Born , Matra= Just)

           There are some immediate measures to be taken soon after the child is born.these measures are called Jaatakarma or Jaatmatra Paricharya in Ayurveda.Jaatkarma includes all those measures which are conducted from immediately after birth up to the cutting of the umbilical cord. In Jaatamatra Paricharya , Shareera shodhana,Kantha vishodhana,Pran-vayu pratyagamana,Nabhi-nala Chedana procedures explained in Ayurveda .

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