Pranavaha Srotas in Ayurveda: A Comprehensive Literary Review
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Pranavaha Srotas, Prana, Moolasthana

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Brief overview of Pranavaha srotas explained in Ayurvedic compendia. Pranavaha srotas is a crucial concept of Ayurveda, representing the respiratory system and the channels associated with the respiration. This literary review delves into the classical Ayurvedic texts to explore the depth of knowledge surrounding Pranavaha srotas and its functions.

The foundational texts of Ayurveda, such as Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, extensively discuss Moolasthana, Dushti hetu and Dushti Lakshna of Pranavaha srotas. They describe the intricate network of channels responsible for the movement of Prana i.e. the vital life force. Pranavaha Srotas is the channel which carries the external air into the body to sustain the life. Understanding these channels is essential for maintaining overall health and preventing diseases related to respiration like Shwasa, Kasa, Hikka, etc.

Pranavaha srotas plays a pivotal role in regulating Vata, which governs the movement of air and is intimately linked to the respiratory system. Imbalances in Vata can lead to various respiratory disorders, emphasizing the importance of maintaining harmony in Pranavaha srotas. Moolasthana of Srotas is the important area for proper functioning of Srotas. Therefore the treatment of any disease should also include intervention for the betterment of Srotas.



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