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Vikar vighat bhava
vikar vighat abhava

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Goray, N., Harit, D. M., & Pawar, V. (2019). ROLE OF VIKARVIGHATBHAVA AND VIKARVIGHATABHAVA IN MANIFESTATION OF DIABETES. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(01). Retrieved from



Background: The consequence of variation in ecological factors, intensity of the morbid humors and susceptibility of the body elements influences suppression or incidence of the disease by Vikar vighat bhava and Vikar vighat abhava respectively. Owing to the occurrence of pathological changes, along with vitiation of morbific factor like, increased kleda (excessive fluidity) and shithilata (diminished viscous essential) and due to frequent indulgent etiological factors, the body fluid, combined with humors and adipose tissue, acquires the pathological character of Prameha(diabetes).

Objective: The present study was done to conceptualize the role of Vikar vighat bhava and Vikar vighat abhava in resistance and development respectively, of Prameha with all its symptoms.

Methods: Conceptual literary search done by referring literature on exercise, Ayurveda texts, and research papers from peer-reviewed journals to explore the role of Vikar vighat bhava and Vikar vighat abhava in manifestation and therapy of Prameha.

Result: The vikar vighat abhava like avoidance of exercise, swapnasukha (sleeping for long hours), asyasukha (sedentary life style) and kaphakar aahar (diet increasing and vitiating kapha) leads Aghnimandya (decreased digestive power and metabolism) which is the reason for obesity, hyperlipidemia and development of insulin resistance. Whereas Vikar vighat bhava like losing weight, optimal diet and exercise regime, helps to reduce insulin resistance and prediabetes, thus preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes.

Conclusion: The Vikar vighat bhava like strict diet i.e Ystvaharam sharirasyadhatusamyakarm and daily exercise i.e sevate vividhanschy anyacheshtah can keep check on the diabetes. The dietary and exercise regime along with increase in immunity will help more in pre diabetic conditions.

Key words: Vikar vighat bhava, vikar vighat abhava, prameha.

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