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Evaluation of Physico-chemical And chromatographic profile of Kababchini Fruit(Pipercubeba)


Physico-chemicals, Chromatographic profile, Kababchini

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Rakhunde, D. S., Sharma, D., & Landge, S. (2018). Evaluation of Physico-chemical And chromatographic profile of Kababchini Fruit(Pipercubeba). Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 6(01). Retrieved from


ABSTRACT:- Indian spices that provide flavor, to food also possess many therapeutic properties. Ancient Indian texts of Ayurveda, an Indian system of medicine, detailed the medicinal properties of these plants and their therapeutic usage. Natural products have traditionally provided many of the drugs in use . Kababchini is a spice commonly used in Asian countries for cooking purposes. It is the dried fruit of an evergreen small tree. Pimentadioica which belongs to the family of creepers. The pimenta is a parasitic plant and grows on other full-grown trees. The kababchini’s plant is about nine meters in height and its leaves are egg-shaped and 10–12 cm in length. Its fruit is tiny and green in color. It keeps the digestive tract normal and is very effective in case of piles. It strengthens heart. It helps in treating cough and asthmatic conditions. It regularizes the menstrual cycle. It is very effective in erectile dysfunction. It is very effective in toning up of the urinary tract.With the increasing interests in the reservoir of untested natural products, many future drug developments will be based on natural products. The standard profile of kababchini is not given in API, so that’s why the present article reviews the Ayurvedic aspects of Kababchini  well supported by the available literature and its  physico-chemical  and Chromatographic profile.

Key words:- Physico-chemicals, Chromatographic profile,  Kababchini   


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