Management of Putraghni Yonivyapada by Uttarbasti: A case study
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Phalghrita, Putraghni yonivyapad, Recurrent miscarriage, Uttarbasti

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Shirke , J. (2020). Management of Putraghni Yonivyapada by Uttarbasti: A case study. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(01). Retrieved from


Recurrent miscarriage is defined as a sequence of three or more consecutive spontaneous abortion before 20 weeks. This distressing problem is affecting approximately 1% of all women of reproductive age. In Ayurvedic literature, recurrent abortion may be correlated as Putraghni yonivyapad mentioned in Charak samhita, Sushruta samhita and Ashtanga Hridaya. To overcome this disconcerting problem; Ayurveda- an alternative system of medicine may be procured. According to Ashtanga Hridaya (one of the Brihattrayi), Uttarbasti (mode of  administration of drug by urethral or genital route) is indicated in treatment of all types of Yoni vyapad (gynaecological disorders). In this particular case of recurrent miscarriage, we used Phalghrita Uttarbasti and Dashamula qwath niruha basti along with internal medications such as Shatavari- Ashwagandha siddha kshirapaka and Vrishya vati. Uttarbasti removes strotorodha and maintains hormonal balance in uterus and ovaries. Patient was conceived after 6 month course of treatment. She was further treated with Garbhini Paricharya and resulted into normal labour with healthy child.

Article pdf download
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