Treatment of Rajo-Nivrutti Janya Lakshana by Medhya Ghrita Nasya
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Rajah, Rajonivrutti, Manovaha Strotas, Nasya

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Bavaskar, P. (2020). Treatment of Rajo-Nivrutti Janya Lakshana by Medhya Ghrita Nasya. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(01).


For a woman “Rajah” is a very important factor. Shuddha Rajah or Artava is a sign of Dhatuparipurnata. In Ayurveda, Rajonivrutti is not described as a diseased condition. Almost all Acharya have described the age of Rajonivrutti as approximately 50 years without any controversy. The majority of the Lakshanas of Oajonivrutti are due to Vata Vriddi, Kapha Kshaya, Ashayapakarsha of Pitta by aggravated vata; vitiation of Manovaha Strotas; and Dhatukshaya, Which all are manifesting as a part of aging. The diagnosis was carried out on the basis of various symptoms. On the basis of criteria of assessment adopted, Medhya Grita Nasya the total effect of therapy has been carried out.
Article pdf download
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