An Ayurvedic management of traumatic intervertebral disc prolapse- a case study
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Ayurveda, IVDP, Katigatavata, Majja Basti

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Waghmare, S. D., & Karhade, R. S. (2020). An Ayurvedic management of traumatic intervertebral disc prolapse- a case study. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(01). Retrieved from


The term prolapsed disc means the protrusion or extrusion of the nucleus pulposus through a rent in the annulus fibrosus. A prolapsed disc is a common cause of low backache, especially the backache associated with sciatic pain. IVDP of lumbar spine mostly affects young adults and always presents with low backache with /without radicular pain to one/both lower limbs. In acute IVDP of lumbar spine there is increase in pain while bending forward, coughing, sneezing or turning in bed. There is no specific treatment in modern science for IVDP. If conservative treatment fails then surgical treatment like Laminectomy, Discectomy indicated for IVDP. Here in this case study a 30 year old male patient admitted to shalyatantra department with complaints of low backache, difficulty in sitting for long time, difficulty in walking since two months. He has history of fall from bike before two months. At that time MRI-LS spine done and revealed fracture of right transverse process of L1&L2 vertebral bodies with disc bulges at L3-L4 & L4-L5 with thecal sac indentation. Patient was treated with sarvanga Snehana, Swedana with majjabasti and some ayurvedic medicine like Ashwagandha shatavari churna and lakshadi guggulu. Here patient got completely relief in single sitting of majjabasti krama of 16 days.

Article pdf download
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