Role of current lifestyle to cause male infertility
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shukra dhatu, lifestyle, infertility

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Health of an individual is an outcome of good healthy lifestyle.  Diet, sleep and sexual life are key factors in lifestyle which has major impact on human health.  Ayurveda explained these three as ‘upastambha’.  Changes in lifestyle with respect to diet, sleep and sexual indugence are found which affect potency of shukra dhatu and cause infertility in males.  Shukra is said to be potent when its attributes are not affected and it has ability to reproduce.  Dietary factors like cheese, paneer, yogurt etc, night wakefulness, excessive sexual indulgence are changes in new lifestyle which can help to change attributes of shukra.  Diet, sleep and sexuality based on ayurvedic principles help to avoid damage to shukra dhatu and further avoids infertility.

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