literary review of ‘upadha’ and its importance in rogutpatti
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ayurveda,satva ,atma,sharir,upadha.

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Kambli, A., Gaikar, Y., & Puradkar, G. (2021). literary review of ‘upadha’ and its importance in rogutpatti. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(04). Retrieved from


Through spirit,mind,body are all interrelated and interminged.Healthy mind is essential for healthy body. According to ayurveda,satva atma and sharir are three pillars of life. Health and life depends upon these three proper functioning and co-ordination. Ever increasing frequency of allurement(upadha),psychosomatic disorders and other influential factors force us to develop proper insight in etio pathogenesis and better management of such diseases. This paper throw light about ayurvedic concept of causes of diseases by different prospective and management. Disturbances in the thought or mental illness that causes you to feel sad ,to feel interest in activities that you have always enjoyed ,withdraw from others to feel lethargic and become irritable which can become chronic and can lead to substantial impairment in individual leading to causation of diseases. In this review article we are emphasizing on the definition, different components of upadha, its normal, abnormal state, its role and its root cause in the production of diseases affecting the mankind.

Article pdf download
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