Concept of Tantrayukti with special emphasis on Adhikarana Tantrayukti
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Ayurveda, Tantrayukti, treatise, Adhikaran Tantrayukti.

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Rane, M. H., Puradkar, G., & Dudhamal, A. (2021). Concept of Tantrayukti with special emphasis on Adhikarana Tantrayukti. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(01).


A cautious evaluation of Ayurveda treatises reveals that there is a comprehensive approach regarding research. Tantrayukti is the systemic approach of studying a science to interpret its correct unambiguous meaning  for its practical application. Tantrayukti is tools of textual study, method of study and teaching. It present as framework which clears the appropriate meaning and help to understand the real sense of shloka. One should interpret the Samhita with the help of  these tantrayukti to understand the science in an apparent way. Adhikaran Tantrayukti is one among the 40 tantrayukti explained by different acharyas. It is widely used by our acharyas while constructing the Samhita for easy understanding. Even in the field of research Adhikarana refer to the subject or area with which the researcher is going to deal with. This review article highlights the importance of Tantrayukti in explaining the samhitas and also the utility of Adhikaran Tantrayukti in understanding of classical text and its importance in research.
Article pdf download
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