Critical appraisal of rasavaha srotas
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rasavaha srotas

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NEVAREKAR, S., & Satpute, vd. S. (2021). Critical appraisal of rasavaha srotas. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(04). Retrieved from


Abstract :

Srōtasa are the channels which provides nourishment to the whole body and responsible for particular function with respect to specific body parts.  In āyurvēda the term srōtasa  is used as dynamic inner transport system of body-mind-spirit organisation addition to circulatory system. The entire range of life processes in health and disease depend on integrity of the srōtasa system which is susceptible to lose its coherence due to defective lifestyle and food habits.  It is very important to understand concept of srōtas as it not only perform abundant functions but their disturbance can cause pathological expressions. Rasadhātu is the dhātu which can nourish, develop and maintain all other dhātu and also from Rasa body takes birth, formation and development of foetus, its maintenance, growth and non attachment from sensual activities done by Rasadhātu. This artical presenting rasavaha srōtasa and their physiological consideration.

Keywords-  āyurvēda, srōtasa, rasavaha srōtasa, Rasadhātu, dhātu.



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