Management of Dadru Kushth (tinea corporis) through Ayurveda - A case study.
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Dadru, kaphapradhan vyadhi, Khusdrakushtha,

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Vidya Rao, Shraddha Bhuwad, & Anaya Pathrikar. (2022). Management of Dadru Kushth (tinea corporis) through Ayurveda - A case study. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 10(02). Retrieved from


Dadru is one of the raktapradoshaja vikara, it is described in detail under the type of kushtha by all Acharyas. There are two types of Kushtha, Mahakushtha and Kshudra kushtha. Charaka and Madhavnidan described Dadru under the type of Kshudra Kushtha, while Sushrut, Aashtanghriday and Aashtangsangrha described it under the type of Mahakushta. Dadru is kapha and pitta pradhan vyadhi by all acharyas except Sushruta who described it as a kapha pradhan vyadhi. A 29 years old male patient came with complaints of Red rashes in the groin region, Severe itching, and Scaly formation. He was treated with Gandhak rasayan, Arogyavardhinivati, Mahatiktaghritpaan, Yashtimadhu tail for local application. After completion of treatment significant improvement was observed in the parameters like Kandu, Raag, Mandala Matsyashakolapam.

Article pdf download

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