Somroga and its modern correlation: a literary review
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Somroga, yonivyapada, Brihatrayi, aapdhatu, yogratnakar, bhavprakash and bhaishajyaratnawali

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Jagtap, S. (2022). Somroga and its modern correlation: a literary review. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 10(04). Retrieved from


A healthy woman is a pioneer of a healthy family. With the herald of high tech era women’s status is expected to reach new horizons both socially and physically. Now a days , vaginal infections  is a common problem irrespective of their age or socioeconomic status causing hurdles in their fast moving lifestyle.

 Due to this fact gynaecological disease have found immense importance in medical science. All women have experienced some sort of vaginal discharge in her lifespan. In Ayurveda, the term Yoni vyapad includes majority of gynaecological disorders mentioned in bhruhatrayi samhita. But other than yonivyapad an unique concept of somroga mentioned in Yogratnakar , Bhavprakash and Bhaishajyaratnawali samhita. The fluids maintaining the body are termed SOMA as in this disease the amount of these fluids (aapdhatu) or soma is decreased hence called ’ somaroga’.  Before knowing the management, literature of the disease should be known in detail.  Therefore, in this study an effort has been put forth to make a conceptual study covering almost all the aspects of somroga as per Ayurveda as well as per modern. 

Article pdf download
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