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KEYWORDS:- Raktpradar ,vata&pitta dosh, bhumyamalaki mula.

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Thakur, A. A., & Mehere, S. (2019). “TO STUDY THE EFFICACY OF BHUMYAMALAKI MULA CHOORNA ON RAKTAPRADARA (MENORRHAGIA).”. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 7(01). Retrieved from https://ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/264


Pradara due to pradirna (excessive excretion) of raja (menstrual blood) ,it is called as pradara & since ,there is dirana( excessive excretion) of asrk (menstrual blood) hence, it is known as asrgdara. Menorrhagia, one of the most frequently encountered symptoms in gynecology, is defined as menstruation periods at regular cycle but with excessive flow which may last more than 7 days. Menorrhagia can cause menstrual bleeding of more than 80 mL in each cycle. Raktapradara is commonest problem encountered by gynecologist in todays practice  & incidence becomes higher with degree of civilization. Blood tissue is considered as one among 7 dhatu as per Ayurveda. Blood is related with pitta dosha. Hence, bleeding disorders are usually influenced by pitta imbalance. rakta pradara covers all types of menorrhagia. The vayu after getting vitiated, increases quantity of rakta(blood), takes rakta to rajovaha siras & increases the quantity of rajah that comes out through rajovaha siras &  causes raktapradara. The purpose of this study is to identify menstruation characteristics of the women & the effect of menorrhagia on womens quality of life. So many preparation have been mentioned in ayurvedic classic for the treatment of raktapradara. All  these medication have certain fundamental principles Ayurvedic drug, bhumyamalaki mula choorna with tandulodak (rice water) combination was selected for the study.

                In this “TO STUDY THE EFFICACY OF  BHUMYAMALAKI MULA CHOORNA ON RAKTPRADAR(MENORRHAGIA) †we will be used  choorna (powdered) of bhumyamalaki mula with tandulodak   (rice water) orally.


KEYWORDS:- Raktpradar ,vata&pitta dosh, bhumyamalaki mula,

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