View of An Ayurvedic & Modern Review on Aarsha (Haemorrhoids)


Arsha, Haemorrhoids, Pile mass, Bheshaj Chikitsa, Khsar Karma.

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Banarase, S., shete, P., & Kinge, S. (2020). View of An Ayurvedic & Modern Review on Aarsha (Haemorrhoids). National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(01). Retrieved from


            In this modern ‘fast food’ & ‘cola culture’ life Arsha (piles) is most comman problem and is increasing in population. It is most comman among all anoretal disease.  Clinically it is engorged haemorrhidal venous plexus, anong with abnormally displaced enlarged anal cushion, characterized by inflamed or prolaps pile mass, bleeding per rectum and some discharge from anus.

            In modern medicine, many procedures are descoribed for management of haemorrhoids, ‘haemorrhoidectomy’ is commanly preferred by surgeon. but its recurrence chances are more.  But in Ayuweda four types of management like Bheshaj, Kshar, Agnikarma  and Shastra  karma, are explained in details.

            This aritcal is about to combine raview on Arsha in modern & Ayurvedic aspect.


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