Review of chittodveg ( psychological distress) w.s.r. to cancer patients and evaluation of shirodhara for its management
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Psychological Distress , Anxiety , Depression , Shirodhara.

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Pathrikar , A. (2020). Review of chittodveg ( psychological distress) w.s.r. to cancer patients and evaluation of shirodhara for its management. National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(01). Retrieved from


Psychological Distress in cancer patients can also precede clinical depression and anxiety, with prevalence rates ranging between 5% and 50% (Artherholt and Fann, 2012). Numerous patients that receive a cancer diagnosis assume that they are close to death and experience anxiety, depression, fear, and anger as the disease progresses. Females have more tender emotions and emotional vulnerability. Cancers which are most common in females specifically are Breast cancer and Cervical Cancer. Out of these, malignancy of breast has physical, psychological, social, cosmetic, marital impact on female. Psychological distress is comparatively much more related to breast cancer. It is one of the causes of cancer  as well as consequences of cancer. Out of all types of breast cancers, TNBC- Triple Negative Breast Cancer is supposed to be most dangerous. It is so; owing to its genetic predisposition, severity, tendency of recurrence, absence of hormone receptors and scarcity of efficient drugs. 

So, there is need of therapeutic intervention to deal with psychological distress in patients having TNBC. This is done with help of ‘Moordhni Tail’ concept. In this trial, Shiropichu was done for 10 minutes for 3 days followed by Shirodhara for 10 minutes for 7 days. Both the treatments were carried out with Jatamansi siddha ( Medhya Rasayan siddha) Tail. Pilot study was carried out to study and evaluate effect of shirodhara on insomnia and symptoms of psychological disturbance with help of Quality of Life Questionnaire.

Article pdf download
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