Sthaulya [Obesity]: A Review Article
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Obesity, Diwaswapna, Sthaulya, . Kaphavataj Prakriti

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Gundre, R., & Kasat, P. (2020). Sthaulya [Obesity]: A Review Article. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(04). Retrieved from


: Obesity is the gift of modern age of machines and materialism. It is physiological, psychological and social disorder, which is most disfavoured by modern society for social as well as medical reasons Acharya Charka has mentioned that a single Hetu (etiological factor) may produce single disease or group of diseases or many factors together produces single disease or group of diseases. Many etiological factors mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts but Diwaswapna is observed commonly in all housewives which cause obesity. Kaphavataj Prakriti H.W. were found more prone to Sthaulya so they should be advised proper diet regimens with exercise and made awareness about proper sleeping habits. Excessive indulgence of non-veg diet, nuclear family type, sedentary type of work, decreased awareness regarding exercise and food, faulty sleeping habits, Harshyanitya plays a major role in etiopathogenesis of Sthaulya.

Article pdf download
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