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Supplementation, Ayurvedic, Calcium sources.

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Chaudhary, K. (2021). NATURAL DIET AND SUPPLEMENTS FOR CALCIUM. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(04). Retrieved from


Calcium is vital for strong bones and teeth but also very important for overall health. Calcium is essential to maintain optimal bone health throughout life. But the absorption of calcium is limited due to the presence of phytates, oxalates etc. hence there is a need to depend on calcium supplements but supplementation has its own advantages and disadvantages. The inability to as certain proper absorption from the gut, the synthetic compounds which are not metabolized by the liver, so there is a limited benefit and include health hazard due to assimilation of artificial compounds in body so there is a need to focus more on the natural diet sources for meeting the needs and promoting Ayurvedic calcium supplements as they are from herbal and natural sources which can be included in routine diet and ayurvedic supplements. As the health experts suggests the first preference to meet the requirement should be natural diet. There are multiple dietary options as calcium rich diets which are loaded with health benefits.

Article pdf download
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