Role of Tridosha Siddhanta in the management of Kampavata w.s.r.t Parkinsonism
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Tridosha Siddhanta, Kampavata, Parkinsonism

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Dr. Ansari Huma, & Dr. Pravin Patil. (2021). Role of Tridosha Siddhanta in the management of Kampavata w.s.r.t Parkinsonism. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(01).


 Ayurveda holistic science is based on entities like dosha, dhatu, and mala. Tridosha (i.e.vata, pitta, kapha) maintains health in an equilibrium state, and imbalance in these dosha develops diseased conditions in individuals. Vata is the only dosha that presides over all the other entities. In the present era, vatavyadhi is the most prevalent disease due to stress, improper sleep, improper diet and lifestyle, and old age. In Ayurveda, various nanatmaja vyadhi of vata has been explained, kampavata vyadhi is one of them. By comparing kampavata vyadhi with modern science most of the clinical features of this disease resemble Parkinson's disorder. Parkinson's disease is a group of progressive neurodegenerative disorders characterized by rest tremor, bradykinesia, muscular rigidity, shuffling gait, and flexed posture.    

Hence, the endeavor is made to understand the concept of Tridosha Siddhanta in kampavata vyadhi and turn in the perspective of Parkinson's disease with the Ayurvedic approach.
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